An apology to myself

Well….. all good intentions seem exciting at first then as usual we get caught up in the the normalities of life and things get pushed aside. I started this blog with the idea of keeping an on-line journal of my travels but as you can likely see the information is a bit lacking. Its frustrating as the last 18 months have seen seen some of the most enjoyable trips I have undertaken. Hopefully this will be a fresh start and I will actual put the work into keeping up to date!

On the subject of a fresh start and keeping up to date the last few months have seen a big change in relation to work. Personally after a little over 11 years of being registered with the MLTB I have finally completed my ML Training with Assessment booked for Sep 2014. It seems crazy to have taken this long but I have always enjoyed my time in the hills and travels to explore other countries, that the cost & time need to completed the course seemed unjustified. Hopefully it will offer me the opportunity to build a strong foundation moving forward and utilize my skills in a more professional environment. I also have a new job which is very exciting, the move was not planned but due to an unplanned redundancy at work I was cast into the void of unemployment. So now I am working for World Challenge as a programme facilitator. In effect I deliver all the pre expedition training, the actualities of this is being paid to train and talk to others about something I do for a hobby. It is the first time I can think of I have ever had real job sanctification.

The next 12 months will hopefully bring about more consolidation as I move forward in a new direction…….exciting times ahead.


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