Skógafoss – Iceland

Every now and again I find myself thinking, is there such a thing
as a real adventure anymore. Life is everyday more and more interconnected and we have access to vast amounts of information. Even now I am sitting in Keflavík International Airport – Iceland, typing this on my iPad. Over the last 7 days I have traveled nearly 1700km and circumnavigated Iceland. I have seen amazing waterfalls, sailed off the North coast in the Arctic Ocean, horse ridden through the interior, been to glacial lagoons and trekked mountains to hidden geo-thermal pools. This trip was born from curiosity, as many are. In theory and from experience it is the unknown that makes for an adventure but on this occasion I had completed detailed research, seen photos of my destinations and read reviews from other travellers. In short what I was expecting to see was exactly what I found on arrival. As humans we rely heavily on our senses to process the information of the world around us. Looking at photos or reading reviews can never compare to the experience of standing there in person. The feel of spray on your face, the noise of water crashing to the ground, the smell of damp and earth. If this is the case what we seek is not the knowledge of a place but a feeling of it under our feet. Is this what we call adventure? The need or pull to answer that curiosity deep inside. The image in our heads of what it might be like and a desire to discover what the reality is. This country is truly amazing and I can genuinely say it has been a real adventure. I come home feeling inspired, I want to talk about it and share the experience, to convince others to undertake their own adventure. Each journey is personal to the individual undertaking it and we all travel for different reasons. In is way there is no real way to say what an adventure is, as it is unique to personal perspective but as long as we have a curiosity to experience the world not just google it, adventure will live on. 


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